vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 upgrade

Nowadays the VCSA or vCenter Server Appliance is finally on a par with its Windows equivilent and so moving over to the appliance is a bit of a no brainer. Firstly its a hardened Linux appliance so you dont need to worry so much about pesky Microsoft patches. It’s also got its own Postgres database so theres no longer a requirement for a SQL license.

I’ve already shown you in another article just how easy it is to deploy the VCSA but when it came to upgrading mine from 6.0 to Update 2, it wasnt quite so straighforward until you know how.

First off, unlike some of the other VMware products running in virtual applainces, if you’re on v6.0 theres no GUI upgrade method. The GUI upgrade method was only implemented in Update 1. Therefore getting from v6.0 to v6.0 U2 is kind of a two stage process. Here’s how to do it.

  1. First off, take a snapshot of your vCenter just in case
  2. Next, go to and download the ISO Update 1 file
  3. In the vCenter Web Client, mount the ISO on the vCenter server
  4. As i’ve already mentioned Update 1 can’t be installed via the GUI so you’ll need to dig out your SSH client (i use putty). The first step is to enable SSH if you havent already. To do this you’ll need to go onto the console of the server, login and go to the troubleshooting section. In here you’ll see how to toggle SSH on and off.
  5. Use your SSH client to connect and login to the VCSA. Once you’re in run the following command: software-packages install –iso –acceptEulas (shown below)
  6. The package will be mounted and the upgrade will continue. You get some updates on the screen every now and again when a new line appears but for a while it kind of looks like nothings happening except the numbers change slightly, so don’t think its stopped. When it’s completed it should look like this belowvcenter upgrade 1
  7. Once you get the reboot message run the following command which will reboot the server:vcenter upgrade 2
  8. Once the server has rebooted you should be running v6.0 Update 1. If like me you want to get to Update 2, the good news is it’s now possible from the GUI. Log onto the GUI admin page via https://%servername$:5480. You should see a screen like this.vcenter upgrade 3
  9. Click on ‘updates’ in the left hand menu and you should see confirmation of the version you’re on. (in my case Update 1). Click on ‘check updates’ in the top right. The server will ask if you want to check by URL or by file. Choose URL.vcenter upgrade 4
  10. Once the check has completed it should come back and list the update available in the bottom half of the screen. Check this is the one you want and click the ‘install updates’ button to the right.vcenter upgrade 5
  11. When you click on the Install updates button if will ask if you want to install all updates ofr third party ones. Click on all updates                        vcenter upgrade 6.5
  12. A pop up will ask you to accept the EULA, tick the box and click ‘install’vcenter upgrade 6
  13. The update will show you the progress and it can take a while. The ‘show details’ button gives you some indication of success but just be patient and when it gets to 100%, click on ‘ok’ to complete the install.vcenter upgrade 7
  14. A reboot is then required but once thats done you should be able to confirm you’re running v6.0 U2.


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