App Volumes 2.11

In the last 24 hours, VMware has released a new version of App Volumes 2.11. There is probably some confusion around why they’ve released 2.11 when 3.0 came out in March so I’ll try to help you understand.

App Volumes 3.0 was aimed at horizon air and horizon hybrid customers. The 2.x release is aimed at horizon on prem customers, so expect to see new revisions of both until they eventually combine them into a single product.

So, now we’ve established that 2.11 is for horizon on prem customers, what’s new in it?

The main new feature is the support for instant clones. This was a new feature of horizon 7 and was not supported in 2.10, so this new release allows you to start using instant clones with app volumes delivered applications.

There are also a number of updates and bug fixes, some of which address known issues in 2.10

I strongly recommend users on 2.10 upgrade to 2.11. I will post some upgrade instructions in a blog post when I have time


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