Horizon Extended Service Branch

There’s a pretty big change coming in Horizon 7.5 which may appeal to some existing and prospective Horizon customers. It’s called Extended service branch. So what does this mean? Well, as of the release of 7.5, customer can choose from 2 tracks based on existing licenses.

Firstly, they can stay on the ‘current release’ cycle which is what we’ve always had. This will continue to have incremental updates including patches, critical updates and new features and functionality.

The other option is extended service branch. This is aimed at customers with critical desktop requirements or customer who just don’t want a lot of change and prefer stability in their platform. The extended service branch will have 3 service packs over the first couple of years, after which the customer can continue until the version goes end of support, or they can upgrade to the next ESB release.

ESB will not only incorporate Horizon but also Unified access gateway, App Volumes and User Environment Manager and if customers choose to deploy ESB they must do for all three products.

More info on the new platform can be found here:




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