What’s new in User Environment Manager 9.6

User Environment Manager has a new version, 9.6, with the following new features:

1. Enhanced folder redirection now supports custom file paths and folder names. Whereas folder names like ‘downloads’ used to be fixed, when redirected. These can be customized now which offers more flexibility.

2. Configuration changelog adds the ability log UEM config changes. You can log changes to disk, windows event logs or both. These can be configured by GPO if required.

When logging changes to disk, the max number is 1000 entries and the location is \\server<\uemconfig>\changelog\general. This offers a centralized mechanism for log viewing.

If logging to the windows event log, there is no limit to the number of entries. However, these are logged into the event log of the management machine being used. This could mean that entries are distributed if you have multiple access points and management consoles on different machines.

3. Built-in windows environment variables can now set a new variable %UEMProfileArchives% which resolves the users profile archive location

4. VMware Virtual Print Redirection is now introduced in Horizon 7.7. This is essentially a VMware alternative to thinprint. UEM 9.6 introduces the ability to configure this in Horizon Smart Policy. The option in UEM doesn’t really change but it will apply whether you are using thinprint or virtual print redirection.

5. Windows Server 2019 added as a new condition

For more info please check out the official blog post



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