What’s new in VMware App Volumes 2.15

As the VMware JMP platform gathers pace, App Volumes 2.15 sees some more updates to the app layering technology:

1. App Volumes 2.15 now available for Horizon on VMC on AWS

2. New default storage option in the gui Storage tab to allow you to specify vCenter as a storage host

3. Support for OneDrive and Box. Both can now be installed in the base image, an appstack or a writable volume.

4. New ‘profile only’ user writable volume used ONLY for storing profile data

5. In previous versions of App Volumes you’ve been able to edit the snapvol.cfg to configure exclusions in writable volumes. Now you can configure these exclusions in User Environment manager.

Editing the snapvol.cfg has been ‘a thing’ for while but until now has not been officially supported. This is no longer the case.

For more detail and a video, check out this link








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