Windows updates and OSOT

If anyone out there is using VMware Horizon, you’re probably using OSOT (OS optimization tool) to optimze your images


Some people have recently found issues patching their gold images. If this affects you here’s how to fix it.

Back in September a new verison of the tool came out which supported the latest versions of Windows 10, but a few people have noticed an issue when trying to patch their gold image. Basically you run OSOT on your gold image to provision your desktops from. In the past, in order to patch your gold image you simply restarted the Windows Update service. Some of you may have found that this no longer works. This is due to the way Windows 10 controls updates. As a result we had to disable them in a more complex way and as a result, just restarting the service no longer works.

Here is the process to enable windows update on your gold image.

  • Export HKLM/Software/Policies/Microsoft/Windows/WindowsUpdate
  • Delete HKLM/Software/Policies/Microsoft/Windows/WindowsUpdate
  • Set Windows Updates Service to manual
  • Run ‘gpupdate’
  • Run ‘usoclient StartScan’ – This will scan for Updates. Or you can run this manually through the UI.
  • After patching re-import the exported hive, and disable the service.

After following this process you should have a patched gold image with the service disabled again. You simply need to repeat this process every time you want to patch your image.


3 thoughts on “Windows updates and OSOT

  1. Hello, thanks for posting this. I tried it and it didn’t work however. The UI acts like it’s going to load and then disappears.


    1. Hi Andy, this is out of date now. I’m not sure what version of the tool you’re using but the latest version actually has an option to do this in the gui. VMwares advice is to create a new image if you can and this is much easier now with a fully automated process. You’ll find this on techzone.VMware.con


  2. I found this because I could not get the version of OSOT to enable it on its own. I some success just randomly changing stuff. Your instructions coupled with going into DPEDIT and going to COMPUTER>ADMIN TEMPLATES> WINDOWS COMPONENTS> UPDATE and undoing all the configured settings that OSOT sets, that fixed it. My plan is to complete it with your last step then run the Optimize again which should set the policies back the way they were.


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