What’s new in VMware App Volumes 2.15

As the VMware JMP platform gathers pace, App Volumes 2.15 sees some more updates to the app layering technology:

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App Volumes 2.14

App Volumes 2.14 is the latest version of the VMware application layering technology and is a key part of the Horizon virtual desktops and apps platform. Compared to some recent releases the 2.14 release contains quite a lot to be excited about:

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Horizon Extended Service Branch

There’s a pretty big change coming in Horizon 7.5 which may appeal to some existing and prospective Horizon customers. It’s called Extended service branch. So what does this mean? Well, as of the release of 7.5, customer can choose from 2 tracks based on existing licenses.

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App Volumes 3.0 – What’s new?

VMware has released App Volumes 3.0 in the last couple of weeks, but it’s aimed at Horizon Air hybrid or Horizon Air users. VMware recommends staying with 2.10 for Horizon on prem deployments. 

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App Volumes 2.10 with SQL high availability

If like me you’ve already read the VMware App Volumes documentation, you’ll have noticed that whilst it’s clear and easy to follow, it only shows you how to configure App Volume manager resiliency with multiple managers talking to the same SQL server. So I thought i’d take some time to explain how to make SQL resilient too. Continue reading “App Volumes 2.10 with SQL high availability”