App Volumes 2.13

Last week saw the release of the latest App Volumes instalment. Here are the main two features included in the release

Computer and User assigned app stacks

So for a while now you’ve been able to use computer OR user assigned app stacks. People have mainly used computer stacks for RDSH and user stacks for virtual desktops but this release sees you now able to use both. What’s the big deal? Well, those of you with App Volumes experience will know that the more app stacks you assign the slower the login can become for the user. The same can be said for larger app stacks too.

The ability to assign some app stacks to computers could make a big difference. The ‘core’ app stacks which may include large apps like office can now be attached at computer boot rather than login, leaving just user specific apps at login. This should help speed things up!

One word of warning though. If you do use computer and user app stacks you cannot currently use a writable volume.

App stack limits

You now have the ability to set a maximum number of attachments to an app stack. This may be useful in cases where perhaps you have a limited number of licenses for an application.

Remember though that if you have multiple apps in a stack the limit will apply to all of them. Also, if you go over the limit the user will not receive any notification. Instead the stack just won’t be mounted


Installation and Configuration of vCenter 6.5

For many years, almost everyone installed vCenter on Windows. This was mainly due to the increased scale of the Windows platform over the appliance. Nobody wanted to install the inferior appliance version unless it was in a lab. But over the last few years the gap has closed and now they are on par with each other. So when you take into account Windows and SQL licensing costs, and the single platform for support to fix in case of issues it’s a bit of a bit of a no brainer now to switch to the appliance version. You’ll be glad to hear that there is even a tool in the latest version to help you migrate over from Windows to appliance.

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Entering and exiting maintenance mode for an ESXi host that has Horizon instant clones

Some of you by now will have had chance to try out the new instant clones functionality in Horizon 7. It’s a great step forward in terms of the ‘just in time’ desktop and it’s ability to eliminate maintenance windows and speed up provisioning make it a great tool going forwards. Continue reading “Entering and exiting maintenance mode for an ESXi host that has Horizon instant clones”