Desktop Recoverability and Security with NSX

Hi all,

In the wake of the many ongoing cyber attacks targeted at end users, i thought i’d put something together to help people make their environments more resilient and more recoverable.

Here is a lightboard version


Entering and exiting maintenance mode for an ESXi host that has Horizon instant clones

Some of you by now will have had chance to try out the new instant clones functionality in Horizon 7. It’s a great step forward in terms of the ‘just in time’ desktop and it’s ability to eliminate maintenance windows and speed up provisioning make it a great tool going forwards. Continue reading “Entering and exiting maintenance mode for an ESXi host that has Horizon instant clones”

Horizon 7.0 – Install and configuration

Horizon 7 is the latest version of VMware’s virtual desktop product. In a previous post I talked about what was new in version 7 but I thought it was about time I got my hands dirty and had a go at installing it. Continue reading “Horizon 7.0 – Install and configuration”


Horizon View 7 – What’s new?

VMware have released the latest version of their desktop virtualization product, Horizon View 7. The product has evolved over the years and is capable of catering for pretty much every desktop use case these days. Continue reading “Horizon View 7 – What’s new?”


App Volumes 3.0 – What’s new?

VMware has released App Volumes 3.0 in the last couple of weeks, but it’s aimed at Horizon Air hybrid or Horizon Air users. VMware recommends staying with 2.10 for Horizon on prem deployments. 

For those of you that don’t know, its a real time application delivery platform that supports Horizon View and Citrix. Continue reading “App Volumes 3.0 – What’s new?”


App Volumes 2.10 with SQL high availability

If like me you’ve already read the VMware App Volumes documentation, you’ll have noticed that whilst it’s clear and easy to follow, it only shows you how to configure App Volume manager resiliency with multiple managers talking to the same SQL server. So I thought i’d take some time to explain how to make SQL resilient too. Continue reading “App Volumes 2.10 with SQL high availability”