Workspace ONE UEM – Windows 10 enrolment

If you’re an existing Workspace ONE UEM administrator, you’ll know there are lots of ways to enrol a variety of devices. Whether you’re a seasoned admin or a newbie though, you might not be aware of some of the Windows 10 enrolment methods.

First, lets introduce some key concepts we’ll be covering:

OOBE or Out of the box experience – this is the concept of powering on a Windows 10 device and configuring it via a series of wizard driven screens. A lot of organisations still use legacy Windows imaging to prepare machines. This involves wiping off the factory image and replacing it with a new cusotmer one. OOBE is an alternate method which uses the image shipped from the factory and simply customises it.

Factory provisioning – Preparing a Windows 10 device with enrolment details and software, either in the factory or the IT department so that desktops can be provisioned quicker and easier. The main advantage of factory provisioning is that the OOBE process can be customised for your organisation, and custom software can be pre-installed ready and usable straight after the first logon. Several manufacturers support the factory provisioning process.

In this series of videos i’m going to show you various methods that could be used in typical organisations.

Factory Provisioning with AzureAD join – In this video we are going to use factory provisioning to prepare a new Windows 10 machine to enrol into Workspace ONE UEM using AzureAD. This is ideal if your users only access SaaS based resources and you have limited requirement for on premises domain resources.

Factory Provisioning with localAD join – In this video we are going to use factory provisioning to prepare a new Windows 10 machine to enrol into Workspace ONE UEM and join an on premises AD. This is ideal if the bulk of your apps and data reside on premises.

Silent enrolment using AD Group policy – Not all the Windows 10 machines you want to enrol will be new machines. There may be occassions where existing domain joined machines need to be enroled. In this video we’ll show you how to silently enrol a domain joined machine into Workspace ONE UEM.

Windows 10 Enterprise Reset – There are always times when things go wrong and Windows 10 is no exception. Sometime a great way to fix Windows 10 machines is to perform a reset. This puts the machine back into its factory delivered state. VMware have introduced Enterprise Reset. When issued, a Windows 10 machine will perform a full reset but will stay under UEM management and will remain a member of the domain. This means once issues the machine will fully reconfigure itself and redeliver any apps assigned.