VMware Skyline

It still amazes me just how many VMware customers are not aware of Skyline and what it is, so i’m going to try and fill in the gaps for those who are not sure.

VMware Skyline is a tool which enables VMware support to proactively manage a customers environment and help them resolve incidents quicker. What’s more is that if you’re a production customer, it’s completely free!! yes…..free!!

One of the things i find most annoys customers is having to collect and upload logs when they raise a support request. Skyline can completely remove this with its ‘log assist’ feature.

But rather than my go over all the details, i strongly recommend you read this:


I also recommend you watch the following video on how to setup and configure the Skyline tool itself. As i’m sure you’ll agree it’s really simple to set up….. so why wouldn’t you?



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