Workspace ONE UEM and Workspace ONE Access Integration for Hub Services

I know there are a lot of SaaS customers out there who have only been using basic MDM functionality within Workspace ONE. The platform has moved on a lot in the last few years and if you haven’t already seen it i strongly suggest you check out hub services. This takes the Workspace ONE agent that is used for device management and adds additional functionality to the application such as a unified app catalogue, people search and a notifications platform to name but a few!

When i talk to people about this though, many don’t know where to start, so i thought i’d make a short video to get you started. First off Hub services requires integration between UEM and Access. The good news is that whatever version of Workspace ONE you have, you are entitled to Access. For those of you using SaaS the access tenant is a SaaS tenant. For those still on prem there is an option to deploy an on prem version.

Some customers will have been sent details of their access tenant already when they signed up, but, depending on when this was you may not have a SaaS access tenant. Don’t worry though as its super easy to create one and set up the integration. In this video i’m going to show you just how easy it is


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